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54 Gifts for Bird Lovers: Gear, Books, Apparel, and Other Awesome Stuff

Just what do you give a birder for a gift? In this post, you’ll find 54 gifts for bird lovers, including binoculars, cameras, hiking gear, clothing, identification books and other great birder stuff.

Gifts for bird lovers

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54 Gifts for Bird Lovers

Bird lovers are often a special, dedicated breed of hobbyist. If someone you love is a bird watcher, you’ll know it. They’re willing to go to all kinds of lengths to catch sight of the rarest bird and still get a thrill every time they see even the most common in their yard.

Here are our favorite gifts for bird lovers that are sure to delight.

Binoculars and Monoculars for Birders

It’s vital that the bird lover in your life be able to spot birds out of sight for the natural eye. A good pair can mean the difference between missing that once in a lifetime sight and having bragging rights forever.

Bushnell Powerview Binoculars (Good Starters)

The Bushnell Powerview is an excellent set of starter binoculars designed to get you into the world of wildlife viewing. They feature a classic Porro prism with multicoated lenses to help cut down on light interference and distortion.

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It has a one-touch, instant focus system that really helps with targets moving around at higher speeds and nonslip rubber housing.

They’ve got a close focus of as little as 45 feet. While that’s not super close, it’s enough to get you started.

Here are some more binoculars under $100.

Nikon 7576 Monarch (Premium)

For those birders who have quite a bit of equipment, it may be time to upgrade their binoculars. This Nikon pair features the company’s ED (extra-low dispersion) glass, which drastically cuts down on light interference and distortion around the edge of the lenses.

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It’s an ounce lighter than Nikon’s predecessor, and fully multicoated lenses help to create a sharp, clear picture with minimal color distortion. The rubber housing is fog and waterproof, making them good options for early morning bird spotting.

Looking for more premium options? Here are more binoculars under $500.

Monocular with Smartphone Holder: Gosky 12×55

Your birder is also a tech genius, so this monocular is not only cool but also gives them the option to view images directly on their smartphone.

It’s high powered and features a generous 55 mm objective lens to increase the amount of light capture.

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It has a twist-up eyecup to give the eye some relief during extended viewing sessions, and the rubber housing is highly durable.

Binocular Harness: Zeiss Bino Strap System

Once you’ve decided on a pair of binoculars, ensure they’re always protected yet close by when your birder needs them.

This harness makes it a lot more comfortable to carry your binoculars than something over your wrist or neck.

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It situates the weight of binoculars at a more comfortable spot on your back and keeps them from jostling around while you’re walking but easily pulls into viewing position when ready.

Snapzoom Universal Binocular Tripod Mount

When viewing at ultra long distances, a tripod mount is a critical part of cutting down on distortion or shake. It’s compatible with a wide range of models and is also suitable for binoculars that don’t have a threaded mount.

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It’s relatively lightweight and easy to set up. When you’re ready to pack up, it offers a small footprint. The plastic body doesn’t add a lot of weight to your bag.

Gifts for birders

Birding Identification Books and Flash Cards

When birders are getting started, identification materials are a constructive way to know what bird is in your line of vision. Even experience bird lovers need help sometimes identifying species, so these gifts are all about knowledge.

Sibley Backyard Birding Flashcards: 100 Common Birds

This is a good starter kit for finding out about the most common species of North America.

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It features full-color illustrations that help identify birds plus text about habitat, behavior, and a voice description.

It’s divided into 50 cards for the west and 50 cards for the east. Those beginning bird lovers should find plenty to identify.

The Sibley Guide to Birds 2nd Edition

This is the revised version of Sibley’s landmark text. It features nearly 7,000 remastered illustrations and 111 more rare species of birds for those enthusiasts who are ready to tackle a challenge.

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Habitat and behavior information is included as well as voice descriptions. It’s easy to read and should give even a masterful birder the chance to search for something new.

National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds

Eastern Region: National Audubon Society is a classic reference point for finding birds common and rare. This one is an in-depth field guide to North American birds from the eastern region.

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It features full-color photographs and detailed information about habitat and behavior.

It also includes range maps and a helpful guide to identifying birds from overhead silhouettes. It’s suitable for a range of abilities and experiences and is a definite long term keeper.

National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds

Western Region: This companion guide features birds from the western region. It also has the same full-color photographs and information about habitat and behavior as well as overhead silhouette outlines.

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It’s great for experienced bird watchers and beginners as well as a long term reference for multiple trips.

It’s a classic, and a book your bird watcher will probably keep in their collection for a long time.

Birds of Prey: Hawks, Eagles, Falcons, and Vultures of North America

Birds of prey are their own category and a book dedicated to them could make your bird watcher’s trip more productive.

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It features stunning photographs and information about all the typical North American birds of prey, giving your bird lover answers to some of the most burning questions about how these magnificent birds live, eat, and survive.

The Ravenmaster: My Life with the Ravens at the Tower of London

All bird lovers know the story of the mysterious ravens at the tower of London.

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Now, we can all find out more of the story with this fascinating look into the keeper who makes sure they’re healthy and ready to take on the flocks of tourists who make their way to the famous tower each year.

It’s a weird, wild, and beautiful story about some of the most famous birds of all time.

Bushcraft Boxed Set: Bushcraft 101; Advanced Bushcraft; First Aid

Your bird lover isn’t just day-tripping. This is a full on outdoor learning experience complete with weeks in the wild hunting and foraging.

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Bushcraft is a dying art and whether your bird lover practices in the backyard or on long trips, it offers valuable insights into survival skills for all kinds of occasions.

It’s a beautiful reference with clear directions for how to perform these various skills in survival (including first aid.)

The Sibley Birder’s Life List and Field Diary

Our final birding book is another Sibley classic. This one includes entries for just under 1000 bird species and everything you’ll need to identify them.

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It also includes space for writing down the place and date of the sighting, creating a keepsake that can follow you and your bird watcher for years as you relive those memories. It’s a fantastic gift and one that most bird lovers will cherish.

Cameras and Lenses for Birders

Sometimes it’s not just about the sight but making sure the sight is captured for posterity. Lenses and cameras that fit into your birder’s tool kit can make it easier for them to capture and document their finds.

Superzoom Cameras: Panasonic and Canon (2 Models)

Panasonic Lumix FZ80 4K 60x Zoom: Panasonic’s Lumix model is an 18.1-megapixel point and shoot camera with an ultra long zoom feature suitable or capturing wildlife shots. It has a high-resolution viewfinder, and a rear touch-enabled LCD to control all the camera’s functions.

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It also has a 4K video option for more details than just a photo and low light capture increases the chances you’ll get the shot even in less than perfect weather. It’s wi-fi enabled and charges with a simple USB.

Canon Powershot SX60 65x Zoom: Canon’s Powershot is an excellent 16.1-megapixel point and shoot with digital SLR capabilities. It’s easy to manage and features a 65x optical zoom.

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The variable angle LCD is simple to adjust and helps with viewing while the 1080 HD video helps capture action moments. It has a dedicated movie and zoom button, so you don’t have to take your eyes off your target to switch.

Canon EOS REBEL T7i Body (Entry-level DSLR)

Canon Rebel makes cameras for people just getting into DSLR. It features highly intuitive user controls and clear directions along with a 24.2 megapixel CMOS sensor ability.

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It’s going to take pictures that offer complete detail and minimal distortion with a smooth automatic shot feature or a fully manual option. You can invest in just the body and use compatible lenses or buy a package to get an entry level lens like the 18-55mm.

Tamron 18-400mm All in One Lens (for Canon)

The Tamron is a lower cost lens for those just getting into this kind of photography. It has a full frame telephoto lens and a 1:29 Mag ratio for versatility.

It features a VC mode to help stabilize the image without creating edge or color distortion, increasing your accuracy over long distances.

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It’s considered an ultra-telephoto but helps flatten the image for realistic shots that don’t seem digitized or have pockets of color aberrations.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV (Pro DSLR w/ Lens)

If your favorite birder is beyond entry level DSLR, this Canon model is a professional series that gives even more capability for both manual photo and video. It features a 30.4 megapixel CMOS capability with a 3:2 aspect ratio and 4K video at 24p or 30p.

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It can grab a still frame at 8.8 megapixels. It has a touch screen LCD and full manual and automatic settings. It’s hefty, but it’s going to get the best kinds of shots as long as you know how to use it.

Learn more about choosing the best camera for wildlife photography.

Basic Tripod: Amazon Basics 60 Inch

For a heavy camera like the 5D Mark IV, a tripod may become necessary. This basic model allows you to mount the camera for stability and turn it easily for smooth panning. It’s lightweight and compatible with most cameras.

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It extends from 25 to 60 inches, swivels for the right angle, and tilts to capture action shots. You can transition quickly between shots with the quick release mounting plate. It supports the weight of just under seven pounds and folds up smoothly for storage.

Premium Tripod: Geeko Tripod

For a tripod with more functionality, this option from Geeko allows you to manipulate your shots with a greater range of motion. It has a 360-degree panning capability plus taller height adjustments and a denser body to support more weight.

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It can be disassembled to use as a monopod for walking shots, and everything folds up smoothly and neatly for storage to and from the site.

Altura DSLR Camera Backpack Bag

This bag can carry the camera, the accessories, and the tripod all in an ergonomically designed backpack. It’s customizable on for your specific accessories on the inside and features padded straps that help place the weight safely across your shoulders and back. It’s lightweight and wipes clean.

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It has reinforced stitching and weather resistant nylon that resists tearing and punctures. It’s a simple black and looks like a normal backpack for when you’d rather not advertise that you’ve got thousands of dollars of camera equipment with you.

Hiking Apparel for Bird Watching

Bird lovers often trek into the woods (in every season) to see their favorite species. It doesn’t matter if its raining or snowing. To stay comfortable and safe, birders need moisture wicking, waterproof gear.

Here are our recommended apparel gifts for bird lovers.

MeriWool Men’s Base Layer

Early morning spotting can get a bit chilly, so a base layer could be a great way to keep the chill of fog or mist off. It’s also great for spotting during less than ideal weather. It adds insulation without adding bulk and is super comfortable near the skin.

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It’s machine washable on cold and can be dried on a low setting. It wicks moisture away from your body as well and helps keep down odors.

Minus33 Merino Wool 706 Men’s Midweight Bottom

The legs can get cold too, so if the trip involves being outside in really uncomfortable temperatures, it could be a good idea to cover the bottom half as well. These leggings are the same type of material as the shirt and provide excellent insulation for layering underneath pants without adding bulk.

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They’re machine washable and can be dried on the gentle cycle. Wool helps cut down on moisture and creates a barrier against wind and some weather.

MeriWool Women’s Base Layer

This is the same style, but more suited to the dimensions of a woman’s body. It features quality wool stitching and helps provide insulation without creating bulk. It’s an excellent option for those cold mornings and anytime when the weather might make viewing difficult.

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It’s machine washable and can be dried on gentle for easy maintenance. Wool is breathable without allowing cold winds to pass through and helps wick moisture away from the body.

Minus33 Merino Wool 803 Women’s Midweight Bottom

She’ll also need a bottom layer to help reduce wind friction and insulate against colder temperatures. The leggings don’t add bulk but provide excellent insulation against the elements.

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They don’t ride up and are easy to clean (machine washable and dryable). They even have an SPF 50 rating to help protect against sun damage.

Columbia Men’s Ascender Jacket

This simple, soft shell jacket is both wind and weather resistant without adding bulky layers that can make it difficult to maneuver your bags over your jacket. It zippered pockets for your hands and a single zippered chest pocket.

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It also has plenty of protection and durable, smooth performing zippers. It’s excellent for adding insulation without adding bulkiness that makes it difficult to move the way you want. It also folds up small to throw into a bag.

Columbia Women’s Kruser Ridge Plush Softshell Jacket

This lightweight jacket is a polyester blend that resists water and humidity, creating a weather barrier without adding a lot of weight or bulk.

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It has an adjustable drawstring neck and features a fleece lining that stays soft and helps lock in heat for a more comfortable birding experience. It’s easy to fold up and throw in a bag and is easily washable.

Camel Crown Men’s Waterproof 3 in 1

This jacket comes in two parts, a weatherproof outside shell and an inner fleece lining that can be worn as a simple jacket by itself. It helps break the wind away from your body and insulates you even in freezing temperatures without adding a lot of weight.

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It comes in a variety of colors, and the shell can function alone as a simple rain jacket.

Camel Crown Women’s Waterproof 3 in 1

It also comes in women’s styles but doesn’t compromise the original design. It still functions great as a light fleece jacket for warmth or a shell for a rain jacket. Combine the two for a highly warm, efficient protection against inclement weather.

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It’s lightweight and designed to resist the elements without adding awkward bulk to your body that can make it challenging to maneuver gear and other tools while you’re out.

Best gifts for bird lovers

Footwear for Birders: Comfortable Feet

The right footwear can get you into places that may not be accessible with simple tennis shoes or (shudder) flipflops. Proper footwear can help keep you injury free and comfortable.

Keen Men’s Newport H2 Sandal

Keen is a staple in outdoor apparel, and their men’s sandals are great ways to have breathable footwear while still retaining full protection and traction like a full hiking boot. They’re very durable and feature an ample toe box to prevent injuries.

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Adjustable straps give you a good fit and stay in place regardless of the weather. Plus, they’re quick drying and prevent slipping even when wet.

Keen Women’s Whisper Sandal

The women’s sandals are just as tough and provide excellent traction even in wet weather. A full coverage toe box helps protect your feet from impact while adjustable straps give you an excellent fit.

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They have plenty of durability and are quick drying without rubbing or becoming uncomfortable. If you hate full coverage hiking boots, this could be an excellent alternative.

Columbia Mens Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot

If you need a full coverage hiking boot, this Newton Ridge is an excellent option. It’s a high top with reinforced seaming and leather and synthetic materials that help resist water. The ankle offers support, and a reinforced toe box prevents injuries from the impact.

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They’re lighter than the average hiking boot because of a high tech sole that’s durable but thinner. It has a mesh tongue to allow your foot to breathe without sacrificing weather resistance.

Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Hiking Boot

Columbia’s hiking boot for women is also a high top style that offers stability and prevents ankle injuries. It’s lightweight compared to classic hiking boots and features a mesh tongue that allows air to reach your foot without also allowing in moisture.

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The synthetic and leather materials make for a highly durable shoe, and a reinforced toe box prevents impact injuries. Also, they come in a few stylish colors.

Hiking Socks (Mens/Womens)

People Socks Merino wool crew socks: Hiking boots are only as good as the socks. These wool socks help reduce friction and wick away moisture from your feet, reducing the occurrence of blisters and hotspots.

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They have excellent arch support and are just thick enough to improve cushioning without creating an uncomfortable bulk. They can be machine washed and shouldn’t lose their shape or slide down your foot thanks to the wool blend.

Danish Endurance Merino Wool Hiking Socks: These socks come in a variety of fun colors and keep their shape well due to the wool blend material. They have good arch support and help wick moisture away from your feet to reduce the possibility of blisters or other issues.

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They’re breathable, have excellent cushioning, and don’t ride down into your shoes as you move around. They should feel very comfortable regardless of the weather.

Hiking Gear for Bird Watching

Your bird lover needs other tools besides those intended to spot birds to be safe out in the wild. These are our favorite gifts to help increase safety and make the hike there and back more pleasant.

Suunto MC-2G Global Compass

A compass is a necessary tool to make sure you’re going in the right direction and know how to find your way back. This one features a classic, stripped-down design with an easy to read face and a lid and mirror composition.

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It’s easier to handle and folds down thin to store in a pocket. It also includes a sighting mirror, clinometer, 2-zone clinometer, and map magnifier.

SUUNTO M-9 Wrist Compass

Another compass option is this one that fits on the wrist. It features a simple watch face design with durable yet comfortable straps.

It has a two-zone system for reliable readings in the northern hemisphere, and the serrated bezel turns even when you’ve got the bulk of gloves.

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It’s highly functional and excellent for constant checking instead of pulling something out of your pocket each time.

ALPS Adult All Terrain Snowshoes

Serious birding may require some serious gear. These snowshoes are comfortable to pack, put on, and help protect against accidental falls while allowing an accessible path through deeper snow.

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They’re lightweight and durable and resist tearing and cracking due to extreme weather changes. Fast lock buckles have simple fasteners and make it easy to get them on and off quickly without all the hassle of traditional lacing.

Unigear Traction Cleats Ice Snow Grips with 18 Spikes

If you don’t need full snowshoes, but till worry about ice, these adaptable snow grips fasten to the bottom of your hiking shoes to give you more stability and reduce the possibility of injury.

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They feature a solid, heavy duty crampon with a thermoelastic polymer band that won’t crack with temperature changes. It has full sole coverage, so you retain a lot of your power even when you’re hiking on uneven ground.

Mubasel Gear Insulated Hydration Backpack

Trekking requires hydration, and this one keeps two liters of water cool for hours as you find that one specific bird. It’s durable and weather resistant with reinforced seaming and heavy duty zippers that won’t snag.

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It comes in a variety of colors and features webbing on the front for attaching accessories.

Plus, its ergonomic design helps reduce pressure on your shoulders and back. Plus, it’s virtually leak proof, even if you don’t dry the bladder after filling it up.

Mountaintop 22L/28L/40L Hiking Backpack

This option is an excellent all-purpose backpack for carrying gear and water on a day trip. It features plenty of storage and plenty of opportunities for organizing your things.

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It comes in a variety of colors and features an ergonomic design that helps displace weight and remove pressure points. Seaming is reinforced, and the bag is mildly weather resistant. It also has an adjustable loop design on the front for accessories or stowing a small jacket.

Foxelli Trekking Poles

This inclusive package contains two lightweight, collapsible poles for safe walking and a few accessories and attachments to help you deal with different weather and terrains.

They’re made of ultralight carbon fiber and built to withstand a high impact.

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A natural cork grip is comfortable and resists slipping while the adjustable wrist straps prevent slippage and don’t rub. They’re made for all types of weather and easily pack down to prevent taking up a lot of room in your bag.

Oceas Outdoor Waterproof Blanket

The Oceas waterproof blanket will keep you warm and makes a great blanket to set up for bird watching in a single location. It features enough space for about three adults to sit down, and it folds down into a water-resistant bag when not in use.

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It’s a great accessory to have on hand for when you’re making your way through the hike and could use a place to stop for a while or if you need some extra warmth while you’re on the search for that elusive bird.

Water and Food Gear for Hikers

You’ll need hydration and sustenance, and this could be your chance to give your birder the convenience of not having to lug around a lot of extra for the hike. Make sure that water sources are safe, and no tummies are grumbling with these food and water-related gifts.

Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System

Carrying bottles of water is inconvenient and cumbersome. This system keeps your filtration needs to a minimum with a small, straw style filter that can fit into a container or be used to drink directly from a water source.

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It removes over 99.9% of bacteria, protozoa, and other organisms and will filter up to 100,000 gallons. It includes a small pouch and doesn’t need to be backflushed.

Sawyer 34oz Personal Water Bottle Filter

For those of you who like bottles better, Sawyer’s water bottle features their famous filter built directly into the bottle itself.

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It’s rated for about the same amount of overall lifespan as the straw style and filters out over 99.9% of bacteria, protozoa, and other organisms all while providing a 32-ounce bottle to store your water.

Better Than Coffee Energy Bars

These energy bars come in a dark chocolate blend that features high energy foods such as guarana and maca. They’re vegan with low carb and low sugar, so you’re sustained without gathering empty calories.

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They’re intended to give you that energy boost when you need it without the side effects of caffeine or synthetic ingredients. They’re easy to store and don’t melt easily either.

Eat Your Coffee Gluten Free Snack

These snacks are another way to get an energy boost without the nasty side effects of that third cup of coffee.

The flavors offer extra protein and keep your hunger at bay while giving you the energy to get to your next site.

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They promote muscle recovery and are only naturally caffeinated. The snacks have no gluten and are vegan without all those fillers and artificial flavors.

Taco Pork Meat and Veggie Bars

These are jerky with a twist. They offer organic veggies and healthy meats to provide both protein and essential vitamins and minerals.

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They keep your hunger at bay and come in convenient little packs that are easy to stash in a pocket for when you need them. They also have a few other flavors in addition to Taco Pork.

Super Snack Time Pizza in a Bag

The pizza obsession never ends. This jerky comes in a fun bag and tastes just like pizza. It offers plenty of protein to help keep hunger away and energy up while retaining all the exciting flavors of pizza.

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They’re made in the United States and contain no cheap fillers or extra calories. It’s a fun way to snack while you’re out in the wild all day long.

Jack Links Premium Cut Steak Jerky

These are the original jerky makers with 98% fat-free jerky. It provides plenty of protein for energy and keeps some of the most tender cuts of meat for a better tasting jerky.

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It comes in easy to store packs and is always ready for a little bit or to finish the whole package.

Petforu Camp Stove

If someone’s going out overnight, a small cookstove could be just the thing to warm up a quick meal before turning in.

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This one is all inclusive and packs down conveniently to carry in a smaller bag. It’s made of durable aluminum, so it doesn’t weigh a lot, and everything is included to make a smaller meal including the bowls. The stove doesn’t require propane.

Nescafe Taster’s Choice Instant Coffee

If your bird lover is a coffee addict, this could be an excellent way to get that morning jolt. The packages are easy to use and simple to pack.

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It features Colombian roast coffee, strong enough to get even the sleepiest birder out of bed and all the packs are single serve, so you don’t waste any whether you drink one or ten cups. Here’s how to make the best cup of instant coffee.

Birding, Bird Watching Mug

This fun coffee mug lets everyone know where your bird lover’s priorities are.

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It features pictures of famous North American birds and the words “I’d remember your name if you were a bird” on the front.

It’s a fun way to get coffee in the morning whether out on the trail or at home planning your next outing.

Contigo Autoseal Stainless Steel Travel Mug

This mug is a heavy duty, stainless mug with a double wall design that keeps your beverage hot for a lot longer than that camp mug you’ve got.

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It’s easy to clean and has an easy open spout for convenient sipping. You can open the mug with just a single hand making your other hand free for those binoculars you’ve got.

Gifts for bird watchers

Celebrate Your Bird Lover’s Hobbies

All these gifts for bird lovers are quality gifts that allow him or her to full the hobby. They’ll be beloved gifts and delightful anytime. With enough to choose from, you should have plenty of inspiration for plenty of gift-giving occasions.

What do you have your eye on? Have a gift suggestion? Join me in the comments!