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Hugh Loxdale

Wednesday 25th of January 2023


Re: Photo of Hoopoe by Drew Haines JustBirding,

I write to ask permission to use your wonderful photo of a Hoopoe on a tree trunk for an article “Are some brightly coloured European wild birds toxic?, which I am hoping to get published in a mainstream scientific journal, possibly Frontiers in Ecology & Evolution. Would that be okay with you?. In the credits, I have given the name of the photographer and stated that the images are copyright. If the article is eventually accepted for publication, I will not receive any remuneration for it.

I very much look forward to hearing from you, hopefully soon.

With many best wishes,


Hugh Loxdale (Dr.)

Kyle Grabhorn

Monday 19th of September 2022


Really cool site about birds. Every time I go to the zoo, the birds are one of my favorite exhibits. We have some cool birds in San Diego where I am from. I enjoyed going through your site and learning more about them.

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Any interest in exploring this further? The average boost in revenue is 53%...

Best, Kyle


Thursday 25th of August 2022

Hi there - I noticed that the monocular you recommend on this page is out of stock on Amazon. My company owns Roxant which offers GREAT value monoculars. We'd love to be featured on your website (potentially with a savings / coupon) available. Below are links to our products. Let me know the process!

Dianne Pajo

Monday 15th of August 2022

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Dianne Pajo

Friday 5th of August 2022

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