Looking for the best birding binoculars? In this guide, you’ll learn how to choose the right binoculars for you and you’ll find our picks of the best binoculars under $100. 14 Best Binoculars Under $100: Birders Guide Maybe you’re an avid birdwatcher. Maybe you’re just getting into the hobby, and you’re wondering where to start. […]

Questions about Muscovy ducks? You’re in the right place! Get the answers to 33 Muscovy duck questions right here. You’ll learn about the red lumpy stuff on their face, their diet, size, and more. Plus lots of photos! 33 Muscovy Duck Facts They don’t look like ducks. They don’t quack like ducks. In some languages, […]

Looking for the truth behind all the potoo memes and gifs? Here are 31 great potoo facts that you can use to counter your cousin’s next Facebook update. 31 Great Potoo Facts With their wide eyes and even wider mouths, great potoos have become something of a meme in the digital realm. However, these strange-looking birds […]

In this huge guide, you’ll find 39 colorful king vulture facts. You’ll learn about their habits, young and mating, feeding, and even their colorful caruncles. Plus tons of photos and videos! 39 King Vulture Facts: What You Need To Know Their colors are eye-popping. They poop on themselves (on purpose). Their feeding habits are almost […]

The tawny frogmouth is a crazy-cute, meme-worthy, owl-like bird from Australia. In this post, you’ll learn 32 tawny frogmouth facts, including diet, lifespan, habitat, size, and more. Plus lots of beautiful photos and videos. 32 Tawny Frogmouth Facts: What You Need To Know Tawny frogmouths are masters of disguise. Blending into the gray-spotted trees of […]

Are you looking for some amazing facts about the marabou stork? You’re in the right place! 39 Marabou Stork Facts Also known as the “nightmare bird” or “undertaker bird,” the marabou stork is one of the ugliest creatures in Africa. It has some pretty gross habits, too, like scavenging for garbage and wearing its own […]

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